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Connecting to Daylite

From Marketcircle's Daylite Help: If you've previously connected to the database from the same local network as that of Daylite Server and now you attempt to connect from home/any other location then Daylite remembers the network settings. Launch Daylite. Choose File > Log in to Database. Select a connection from the list. Enter your username and password. Click Log In. If this is the first time you attempt to make a connection to the server [...]

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Connecting to Screen Sharing

Connecting from Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Navigate to System > Library > CoreServices > Screen Sharing and drag the icon to your Dock. Leave Screen Sharing in the CoreServices folder to allow for future updates. Open Screen Sharing enter the appropriate address and click Connect. Enter the appropriate user name and password and click Connect. Connecting from Mac OS X 10.3 & 10.4 (Panther & Tiger) Download Chicken of the VNC and drag to [...]

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Connecting to Server Admin

One of the great features of Mac OS X Server is the ability to use Server Admin and Workgroup Manager from your computer without the need to control the screen of the server. Install the Mac OS X Server Admin Tools Download the appropriate Server Admin Tools. For Mac OS X Server 10.5 you can download the tools from here. For Mac OS X Server 10.4 you can download the tools from here. Install the [...]

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Connecting to File Sharing

There are several ways to connect to your Mac OS X file server. The directions below will offer the quickest connection whether at the office or on the road. If the current way you connect is working for you—no need to change to this method. In the Finder go to Go > Connect to Server ... Enter the address of your server and click Connect Use the Internal Address at the office or when connected [...]

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Connecting your VPN

Mac - L2TP Connection To connect your VPN using L2TP you will need three (3) things. Your Username Password and Shared Secret to the server. Be sure you have this information before proceeding. 1. Go to your System Preferences by clicking on the Apple in the upper left then on System Preferences (Apple>System Preferences). 2. In Systems Preferences click on the Network icon. 3. Click on the Plus in the bottom left corner. 4. In [...]

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Google Apps Plugin for Outlook

** The Sent Items note at the bottom is important as it is most likely set differently. Google Apps Sync Download & Windows/Outlook update links https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync Google Apps Sync Info http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=147751 This is a great page to leave for the team member as it answers a lot of requests (offline!) and notes differences. The installation/setup of the plugin will create an entirely new Outlook profile so there is no need to adjust the IMAP account [...]

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Mac OS X Server vs Mac OS

Mac OS X No extra Server software purchase Limited to 10 simultaneously connected file sharing users No support for separate user logins - everyone signs in with the same username/password. This means we cannot track/report a user's access to the server and when someone leaves the company we have to change the password for everyone. No support for custom folder permissions. This is an effect of the previous point: if everyone signs in as the [...]

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Enable Google Contact Sync in Mac Address Book

If you have an iPhone the ability to sync Address Book on your Mac is enabled in the preferences once the iPhone is synched for the fisrt time. So how do you sync your Gmail contacts with Address Book if you don’t have an iPhone? Simple. Open up Terminal and type the following followed by the enter key: defaults write com.apple.iPod Devices -dict-add red-herring ‘{ “Family ID” = 10001; }’ That’s it! Now open up [...]

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How to Reset your MobileMe Sync

• Backup everything on all computers you will be syncing. If you have a Time Machine backup do that. Also do individual backups of iCal and Address Book. In iCal use File > Backup iCal. In Address Book use File > Export > Address Book Archive. To backup Apple Mail navigate from your home folder (where you have Desktop Documents Downloads etc) to Library > Mail and then control-click (right-click) on the Mail folder and [...]

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