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CRM for Mac – The LAB Miami

Know Thy CustomerJune 27th, 7-9pm - The LAB Miami In this class, you will be introduced to a variety of CRM tools that will help you enhance your customer engagement. Students will be exposed to key features of the Salesforce, Relationship, Elements and Daylite CRMs. Students will also learn the benefits and drawbacks of cloud versus self-hosting, finally editing in a full demo of Daylite. Instructor: Tito Lauro This class is free, but you have [...]

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Daylite 4 Tutorials Available

Marketcircle has a growing series of tutorial videos now on their site to help get up to speed with Daylite 4. They also have a Vimeo channel you can follow to get alerts when new videos are added. Customize Daylite to Fit Your Business Working with Your Data This video is all about doing WORK. Logging calls, taking notes, scheduling appointments, searching, and generally managing your contacts. Customization Options in Preferences The key to making [...]

2017-08-28T23:27:03-04:00June 18th, 2012|Mac|

Daylite 4

Our partner Marketcircle released their newest version of the Daylite Productivity Suite dubbed Daylite 4. Many of the frequently requested features are now available in the newly updated suite. Changes to the interface, licensing, and integration have made using Daylite in a solo to multi-user environment even easier. This is due to the diligent efforts of the Marketcircle engineering team to completely redesign and rebuild the code. Using what they learned from previous Daylite versions and customer feedback this makes Daylite 4 a welcome edition.

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The new iPad and other price updates!

MacWorks is happy to announce that we have the new iPad parts in stock and ready to go.  We've added the repair to the front page of our store for easy accessibility.  If you recently purchased the new iPad, we're the best source for a repair. Unfortunately, the iPad 3 is just as easy to break as previous iPads... so we wanted to make sure we're taking care of our customers.  Parts are still very [...]

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Goodbye, MobileMe – transition to iCloud with MacWorks

Whether we like it or not, Apple officially pulls the plug on MobileMe features beginning June 30, 2012.  That means you need to have everything transitioned to iCloud by that point… preferably sooner than later.  This isn't a simple transition.  Do not wait until everything breaks; we cannot fix it.  Any of you who are still using MobileMe -- more than Contacts, Calendars and Mail -- need to look into supplemental solutions to fill the [...]

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Lion Server VPN and Windows 7

Configuring Windows 7 with your new Lion server can be a bit of a challenge for both novice and advanced users alike.  I’d like to take a few minutes to explain the procedure for connecting your Windows 7 machine with a Lion server via VPN. Follow closely, as there are many intricate steps during the configuration. Initial Configuration First, I recommend following the Macminicolo guide to get your Lion VPN up and running. Once the [...]

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Converting YouTube videos from Safari

Open the web page and start streaming the video In Safari, go to Window Activity Double-click on the largest file to download to your computer After the download is complete, open HandBrake and convert to your desired format

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AppleCare for iPad discontinued, AppleCare+ March 16

If you're concerned about protecting your iPad for two full years, now may be a good time to purchase AppleCare.  As of March 16th, Apple will discontinue normal AppleCare for iPad and replace it with AppleCare+.  That means a higher purchase price compared to the current plan but adds a cheaper replacement option for damaged devices.  We believe that AppleCare is absolutely necessary for a Mac, but for an iOS device... it's a questionable investment. [...]

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The new iPad, Apple TV and lots of updated software

This morning brought goodies and toys to all girls and boys in Apple's realm of influence.  Apple's CEO Tim Cook spent a few minutes going over some very impressive numbers like 25 Billion app installs, 350+ Million iOS devices sold-to-date, and 62 Million sold in quarter four 2011.  Wow.  Apple's stock finished up for the day.  Historically, the stock price takes a hit during big reveals due to rampant pre-keynote speculation by wannabe analysts who [...]

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