Unable to Download App on iPhone

After a recent switch to a new cell phone provider, our iPhones popped up the Unable to Download App message whenever trying to install an app or run updates. Unable to Download App "Facebook" could not be downloaded at this time. We do share an Apple ID between the phones and I initially thought it was related to the new SIM cards or something along those lines. Every once in a while I could see [...]

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Chrome, Word & PowerPoint crash after Mac OS X 10.8.5 Update

If Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 2011 applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook or other third party apps start crashing or hanging immediately at launch after upgrading your Mac to the new version of Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.8.5, there is a quick fix that can avoid troubleshooting. There appears to be an issue with the App Store update from 10.8.4 to 10.8.5 typically called a delta update. Downloading and running Apple's 10.8.5 Combo [...]

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1Password for iPhone & iPad not Syncing

If you have 1Password 3 for iPhone or iPad and have been using DropBox to sync with your Macs, your logins, credit cards and profiles haven't been syncing recently. Starting September 1, 2013, DropBox made changes and the newer version 4 of 1Password for iOS is required. Using 1Password is a great way to keep all the different logins you use easily accessible across all your devices and browsers. Even better, you can share with [...]

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Fuel Your Mac!

Come down and join us at Fuel Cafe for free coffee and have a Mac consultant answer all of your burning questions about the world of Apple and technology! We'll be there from 12PM to 1PM, and again from 5PM to 6PM. Drop by and say hello, we look forward to meeting you!

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New Features in Daylite 4.3

The Daylite 4.3 update is another huge step forward for Marketcircle's business productivity software for Mac and Daylite Touch for the iPad and iPhone. The full list of feature additions and bug fixes is huge and can be viewed in the release notes. We've highlighted some the features that have been most sought after. A word of warning: the addition of forms in Daylite Touch is a big database change, so plan for a full team [...]

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