Westminster Recycling Asphalt for US 36 Project

With a lot of recent activity at the Wesminster Center Redevelopment site across the street, it was cool to learn what's going on now. [quote]The City of Westminster is having the majority of crumbling asphalt at the site of the former Westminster Mall hauled away at no cost. Ames Granite Joint Venture, the primary contractor for the U.S. 36 Express Lanes project, plans to recycle about 144,000 tons of material from the site for use [...]

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A Cat Driving a Hot Rod

Presenting ... our first commercial! Since changing our name to Lab548, we've been thinking about new ways to get the word out about our awesome Mac support & repair services that also allow us to have some fun in the process. Wyatt Kane and Chris Coughlin shot, directed and edited the video recently in Colorado. Check out their YouTube channels for more of their work at Wyatt Kane and Sean Caspian respectively. Special thanks to Steve and Professional [...]

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MacWorks is now Lab548

"Go downstairs and throw a tarp over anything that says "Operation Henessey" on it." - Steve Zissou On April 1st, 2013, our name changes from MacWorks Incorporated to Lab548.Clarity IT Solutions is also now Lab548. Same great location, same great people and same great service. Mac Trademark The first reason for the change is "Mac" is trademarked by Apple. We felt MacWorks best described our focus on supporting Apple solutions, but do understand the need [...]

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Bill Effing Murray

There is a new general in charge of customer satisfaction here at MacWorks. Initially, questions were raised if an inanimate object could provide better leadership than the hard-working people here at the office. The answer is a resounding YES. My father took me out to see GhostBusters in Sykesville, Maryland. At the very beginning of the movie, the projector burned through the film and the lights came up and everyone left. We caught it the [...]

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Merry Christmas from MacWorks Inc.

In the spirit of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, the MacWorks team is pleased to share a Christmas tech miracle in poetic verse.  Enjoy. ‘Twas three days ‘til Christmas, while warm in the car I noticed my phone was not near… but far I poured out my bags right there on the seat Keyboards and hard drives and tools by my feet Alas, I found nothing, not even a clue My iPhone’s location was… somewhere, [...]

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Dropbox Feature Review

Here's a quick list of features for Dropbox that I've discovered over the year I've been using it. General Use: Clients will want to know how it's different from an actual server -- it stores everything locally and in the cloud. It does not behave like a server. You save the file right to your computer and it syncs that to each computer that's signed into that Dropbox account. Files can sync over your local [...]

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UPS – Battery backup runtimes for Mac mini & Xserve

We ran a test with this: APC BR1500LCD 1500VA 865 Watts 8 Outlets BACK-UPS RS (No Longer Sold on NewEgg) Mini server + 2 x 8 Port Gigabit Switches + Comcast Router + Security System Run: 170 minutes Load: 26w Load: 3% Add in One Xserve Power Cable Run: 30 minutes Load: 160w Load: 20% Add in Both Xserve Power Cables Run: 15 minutes Load: 280w Load: 33%

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