Resolve issues sending email

Many Internet service providers hotels and other internet access locations are blocking the common port for sending email. Apple has provided instructions for how to switch the port Apple Mail uses for .Mac/MobileMe but it is equally useful for email accounts with other services. If one of our consultants has recommended switching your sending port for 25 to 587 follow the instructions at the link below and enter port number 587 when available. In many [...]

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Google Apps – Gmail Setup

Setup Gmail for access Go to[your-domain-name] in a web browser Log in to your account. Release the Captcha lock and accept the terms Click Settings in upper right of window. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Select Enable POP for all mail Select Enable IMAP Click Settings > Labs check Enable Advanced IMAP Controls & click Save Changes 7. Click Settings > Labels Uncheck Show in IMAP next to All Mail Optional: uncheck Show in IMAP [...]

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