Daylite Server Admin Slow to Launch

On our client servers and our own, we've noticed over time that Daylite Server Admin (DLSA) can take over five minutes to appear after clicking the icon. This can be frustrating when you're trying to get in to troubleshoot an issue. In these circumstances, time is of the essence and you're left wondering is something wrong, are we out of memory, will it ever launch ...? Luckily, there is a quick fix. We've been using this [...]

2016-11-01T21:27:59-06:00July 24th, 2013|Daylite|

Colorado law firm gets things done with Daylite

Godfrey Johnson PC is civil litigation law firm using Daylite to manage their cases and run their firm. Marketcircle recently reached out to Brett Godfrey to learn more about how the firm uses their Macs to drive the practice. In 2012, Lab548 converted and imported all of their Time Matters data into Daylite allowing the team to move forward on day one with all their historical data including the important links. In 2013 we assisted with [...]

2016-11-01T21:28:00-06:00July 8th, 2013|Daylite, Success Stories|