Fuel Your Mac!

Come down and join us at Fuel Cafe for free coffee and have a Mac consultant answer all of your burning questions about the world of Apple and technology! We'll be there from 12PM to 1PM, and again from 5PM to 6PM. Drop by and say hello, we look forward to meeting you!

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Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Field Trip

MacWorks took the tour of the Stranahan's distillery this week and it was a blast. Every day we're helping clients with their operations and with 3 of our team members being home brewers—we were looking forward to seeing how a distillery operates. Stranahan's was Colorado's first "legally-recognized" distillery partnering with Flying Dog early on and [...]

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Apple is live-streaming today’s keynote

We're more excited now than we were five minutes ago.  Apple will be streaming the keynote live, anyone who can watch video today will choose that over the typical liveblog format we all love to hate.  This link will take you to the live stream and should be opened in Safari (Apple's web browser) for the [...]

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