Converting YouTube videos from Safari

Open the web page and start streaming the video In Safari, go to Window Activity Double-click on the largest file to download to your computer After the download is complete, open HandBrake and convert to your desired format

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Launch QuickBooks Files in VM on Mac

I have been trying to launch Windows QuickBooks 2010-2011 data files that are stored in the users Mac home directory. For VMWare Fusion QuickBooks cannot save a company data file on a shared or mirrored folder. When you attempt to save a new company data file to a shared or mirrored folder QuickBooks reports error -6176 0 "QuickBooks cannot get the network address of the server". To have QuickBooks recognize the shared or mirrored folder [...]

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HIPPA Compliance for Macs

HIPPA - Healthcare Solutions Centrify Casper Suite

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Enable Mac Remote Management via SSH

If you're working on a remote computer via Screen Sharing and accidentally lock yourself out you may be able to re-enable screen sharing via SSH. sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -configure -allowAccessFor -allUsers -privs -all See this article for reference:

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Outlook 2011 Issues

This page is for documentation of the Known Issues we've found when setting up Outlook 2011. Installation: Always make sure to do a complete rebuild of the Entourage 2008 database before upgrading to 2011. We have not tested Entourage 2004 to Outlook 2011 transfers. It's possible just not tested. Before opening Outlook 2011 after the installation make sure to run all updates. Current software is 14.0.2 (December 2010). Let it copy settings from the previous [...]

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iPhoto 8 and Outlook for Mac

iPhoto 8 (iLife 09) needs a tweak to work with Outlook for Mac for iPhoto to be able to send photos via Outlook. Download attached DMG and read the ReadMe file. Information good as of 11/23/10 and tested with iPhoto 8.1.2 and Outlook 14.0.1 on 10.6.5.

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Drobo – Tips & Tricks

Drobo not recognizing drives If your drives aren't recognizing in your Drobo. Try the following... Make sure to update the Drobo Dashboard before doing anything. Download the latest firmware for the specific Drobo that you are using. Follow this guide: Give it time. Mine took almost 3 hours to come back online but after that it's golden. This will also work if you are having problems getting an upgrade to take at all. I [...]

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Windows Server and Mac Client

This tip came from an experience with Windows 2008 Home Server and Mac OS X 10.4 client systems trying to authenticate for file sharing. Symptom: No matter which user name you use to try to connect to the server it always says it's the wrong one. The issue is that 2008 uses Digitally signed communications which means for any SMB connections to happen the client must support this. 10.4 does not and will not support [...]

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Xsilva Lightspeed – Tips & Tricks

Lightspeed 2 or lower: Unable to Connect from other computers Quit Lightspeed on all systems Open Apple > System Preferences > OpenBase Check "Enable Automatic IP Address" Click Save and enter password Uncheck "Enable Automatic IP Address" Click Save and enter password Wait several minutes for database to reload

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iPhone/iPad – Imaging & Deployment

The Apple way to deploy iOS devices from their enterprise support:iOS Deployment PDF 3.2: iOS Configuration Utility 3.1: Macworks Server/Software/Apple/iPhoneThe conifguration utility allows you to create a configuration profile and set the follows settings: Passcode Restrcitions Wi-fi VPN Email Exchange LDAP CalDAV CardDAV Credentials SCEP Mobile Device Management Server and more. Third Party Options that allow for a more advanced setup and management with other smart phones and over the air enrollment:Mobile Iron - tracking [...]

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