Linking Email Addresses in WordPress

WordPress makes editing and formatting your website content as easy as possible. It also has built-in features for adding interactive links without needing to know any coding. However, in some cases there are specific words you'll need to use. In this guide, we'll show you how to create a clickable email address that will lauch [...]

2017-08-28T22:57:16-06:00July 24th, 2013|Website Design|

Ricardo Florés Magon Academy Website Launch

Today we launched the new website for the Ricardo Florés Magon Academy a Charter School in Denver, Colorado. RFMA hosts the only public tennis academy offering daily tennis lessons in the United States and a chess program to strengthen critical thinking. The school is a public school with a special focus towards bilingual students. The [...]

2016-11-01T21:28:00-06:00July 17th, 2013|Website Design|

Albemarle Pointe Website Launch

Albemarle Pointe is a new marina and community just north of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. In the current stages of the project, the website is a resource for investors and potential investors as well as an introduction to the community for future hoemowners and businesses. Highlights of the site include a password-protected area [...]

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