We decided our MakerBot needed a little brother, so ordered up an Eggbot kit from Evil Mad Scientist. This video shows the assembly process. It takes less than an hour to put it together with great online instructions.

We wondered: What could we possibly use it for? Does it even work? Once we hooked it up to an iMac we found the truth — It’s awesome!

You need X11 or, for Mac OS X 10.8, XQuartz and a restart. We also had to tweak the voltage and then it printed perfect handwriting and text with an Ultra Fine Sharpie on golf balls with no adjustments. We brought it to our first booth at the Westminster Faire and it was a fan favorite. It’s quite remarkable.

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Learn more or get your own at www.egg-bot.com.

[quote]What’s the Eggbot? — The Eggbot is an open-source art robot that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects from the size of a ping pong ball size to that of a small grapefruit. Super adjustable; designed to draw on all kinds of things that are normally ‘impossible’ to print on. Not just eggs but golf balls, light bulbs, mini pumpkins, and even things like wine glasses– with a bit of work.[/quote]