iCloud moves your digital life to a server

Steve Jobs announced an online storage service for every Apple customer called iCloud during the WWDC keynote last week.  This new product allows Apple to move your digital life to a server in the cloud.  Apps, books, music, pictures, backups, etc. — all of the crucial data you need to maintain your digital existence will [...]

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iTunes Match Breakdown – One more… piracy?

Please note that we’ve written a new article with much more information about iTunes Match and a couple brief how-to’s.  Just click here to read it. Apple announced iTunes Match during the WWDC keynote causing quite a stir in the music world.  Some people say iTunes Match enables piracy; others think that Apple worked hard [...]

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What’s coming in iOS 5?

Apple’s, Scott Forstall, introduced iOS 5 during yesterday’s keynote presentation at WWDC 2011.  Before diving into the top ten new features, we wanted to address some of the numbers that Apple’s Senior Vice President of iPhone Software mentioned.  There are 200 Million iOS device in use every day worldwide.  Wow.  That accounts for 44% of the mobile [...]

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